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Congressional Report 118 : RM Portal citation:

by Rose Hessmiller last modified Jan 10, 2013 10:01 AM
Text from the 118 report The USAID Resource Management Web Portal: Linking Nature, Energy and Health
The USAID Resource Management Web Portal:  Linking Nature, Energy and Health


The USAID Resource Management Portal is a web-based information management tool designed to network USAID Missions, staff and global partners, to enhance coordination, collaboration, training, material and human resource sharing, and knowledge management.  The portal uses open source code and supports multiple languages.  The RM Portal provides integrated “search” across its entire content management system and collaborative workflow applications.  


The RM Portal provides an online meeting place for USAID Missions and Partners worldwide. The RM Portal hosts a community of dedicated professionals with similar goals, focusing on resource management, human livelihoods, renewable energy, disaster assistance, climate change, governance, development, and environmental and human health issues across the globe. The web address of the Portal is: . Although some parts of Portal are public, access to many user group pages and functions will be restricted to recognized members.


The RM Portal is referred to as an “integrated” networking platform both in terms of its integration at the organizational level, as well as its integration of professional resources and staff across sectors. The term “platform” describes its multi-stakeholder, multi-media, and cross-sector approach. The RM Portal allows USAID Missions to establish a communications tool that facilitates communications and reporting between the Mission, its cooperating partners, universities, corporation partners, local governments, and USAID staff in Washington, D.C. To reduce costs and maximize impact, the RM Portal also facilitates interaction and coordination between Mission cooperators.


The RM Portal provides individual, small and large group workflow tools for public and private projects including the ability to view, add, and share files and images (virtually all electronic media), the ability to define public and private group space, utilize an online interactive calendar, create and distribute e-newsletters, post and download access to a resource library and training area, news casting and the ability to comment (threaded dialogue) on all content posted anywhere within the portal. Discussion tools provide a dynamic and cost-effective communication mechanism for staff and sponsored partner organizations, institutions, or consortia, and can immediately capture lessons learned so they can be quickly shared worldwide.


USAID envisions that the RM Portal will provide USAID staff and partners with direct links to people, programs, and products representing diverse professional communities worldwide. By enhancing joint efforts and outreach activities, the Portal can contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, enhance security and reduce conflict over resources, and protect environmental and human health.




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