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Economic Growth and Trade

USAID Natural Resource Management and Development Portal

The Biodiversity and Economic Growth Integration Working Group brings together staff across several USAID offices to understand the intersection of economic growth with biodiversity.

Many factors contribute to economic growth, including: economic and political stability, investments in human capital (e.g., health and education), effective governance and strong institutions, favorable environments for private enterprise and investment and increases in technology.

USAID has directly invested in essentially all of these contributing factors across several sectors. Notably, these factors are often outcomes, or co-benefits, from projects that are not explicitly targeting economic growth, which is frequently the case in the natural resources sector. For example, community forest management projects often strengthen local governance and institutions, which also supports economic growth more broadly.

Explicit economic growth projects often incorporate natural resources considerations by representing production inputs or negative externalities to production. The aim is for natural resources considerations to inform USAID project design by recognizing the risks and opportunities of productive activities that influence and are influenced by biodiversity and ecosystem services.


The problem of unsustainable and illegal trade in plant and animal species is significant and pervasive, posing an immediate threat to ecosystem health, biodiversity, global security and human development. For example, if current illegal and unsustainable trade trends continue, scientists predict that 13 to 42 percent of Southeast Asia’s animal and plant species could become extinct during this century; at least half of those losses would represent global extinctions. The Biodiversity and Trade Integrated Working Group works to explore and support the integration and co-programming of biodiversity and trade activities in USAID.


USAID Biodiversity and Development Handbook - Chapter 4.10: Economic Growth
Nov 02, 2015 · File

USAID Biodiversity and Development Handbook - Chapter 4.10: Economic Growth

Chapter 4.10 of USAID's Biodiversity and Development Handbook is focused on the intersection of economic growth and trade with biodiversity conservation work. It covers…

Biodiversity and Development Handbook
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