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Hausta, Peru Pre-assessment Report

Ager, Tim , Builta, Drake , Chisolm, Rachel , Dolder, Craig , Espinosa, Liliana , Hoessle, Anna , Read, Laura , Salas, Fernando , Woo, Melissa , Wood, Alison

Hausta, Peru Pre-assessment Report

The objective of the irrigation project in Huasta is to implement an improved irrigation system that will serve as a pilot project to promote water conservation practices for small-scale agriculture within the region. The scope of the project includes the following: (1) develop spring source(s) to provide sufficient water for the irrigation of a community-owned pasture during the dry season; (2) build/install one (or multiple as needed) water storage tanks; (3) design and install a conveyance system to move water from the spring(s) down to the pasture; (4) install an improved/more efficient irrigation system to water the pasture land; and (5) establish a maintenance and monitoring program for the entire system from the source to the point of use. This document gives a good background on the Huasta region and the climate change challenges faced by the communitities in the region. It disucsses local organizations and adaptation to climate change using NWP and CBNRM practices, and discusses the limitations and challenges faced in the region.

Kelly Gibbons
Jan 25, 2013 12:00 AM
Project technical document (e.g. focusing on one or more aspects, such as technical approach, monitoring, application of a specific tool, etc)
Latin America and Caribbean - South America
Engineers Without Boarders - USA
Huasta, Peru - Agriculture (Irrigation)
Field Crops
Irrigation Water
Surface Water
Promoted local land use planning and appropriate resource tenure systems - [Relevant]
Built capacity and invested in human resources - [Relevant]
Created a framework for better NRM choices - [Relevant]
Local stakeholder input into public decisions and policy - [Relevant]
Natural resource authority and functions distribution - [Relevant]
Water rights
Resource user groups
Water harvesting
Environmental/productivity - [Yes]
Economic/income generation - [Yes]
Governance/empowerment - [Yes]
Environmental/productivity - [Yes]
Environmental/productivity - [Yes]
Resources - [External or structural policies that influenced success or failure]
Economic - [External or structural policies that influenced success or failure]
Governance - [External or structural policies that influenced success or failure]
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