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Conserving Tropical Biodiversity amid Weak Institutions

Barrett, Christopher , Brandon, Katrina , Gibson, Clark , Guertsen, Heidi

Conserving Tropical Biodiversity amid Weak Institutions

The authors believe that the community based model of NRM, as a reaction to the failed top down (central government) model, needs reconsideration. There needs to be a much more refined view of the institutional landscape and the strenghts of different organisational types. The article makes 4 claims: 1) the current approach to NRM overspmphsizes the community; 2) economic and biophysical scale issues argue for the involvement of multiple organizations; 3) there are weak institutions at all levels; and 4) support is needed from international and national actors. The article brings up the useful notions of opportunity costs, transaction costs and comparative advantage.

Jon Anderson
Feb 14, 2013 12:00 AM
Journal article
Built capacity and invested in human resources - [Critical]
Promoted or developed economic strategies for natural resource management - [Critical]
Invested in local organizations - [Critical]
Natural resource authority and functions distribution - [Critical]
Governance/empowerment - [Yes]
Governance/empowerment - [Yes]
Governance - [External or structural policies that influenced success or failure]
Lessons learned (Cautionary Tale)
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