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Is Small Really Beautiful?

Blaikie, Piers

Is Small Really Beautiful?

Blaikie is skeptical of CBNRM and believes that it has been a failure for the most part. He believes that it is perpetuated because it contains a number of concepts with "warm emotional pull" but has been dissappointing on the ground and is often unpopular with local communities. One area where it has been successful is in capturing donor resources. Blaikie breaks down the term CBNRM in very critical ways. The article focuses on Botswana and Malawi. He believes that an analysis of the "political interface of the international and national at which CBNRM is produced" is needed. He contrasts CBNRM as a field failure but a policy success. For CBNRM practitioners this article will seem overly critical and theoretical but it merits reflection.

Jon Anderson
Feb 14, 2013 12:00 AM
World Development
Journal article
Africa - Southern
Botswana and Malawi
USAID and others
Economic/income generation - [Yes]
Governance/empowerment - [Yes]
Governance - [External or structural policies that influenced success or failure]
Lessons learned (Cautionary Tale)
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