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Building a Case for Integrated Development: Identifying and Answering Key Research Questions

Integrated programs hold promise for delivering better development programming and sustainable results. But how can we measure their impact?

International development programs often tackle the world’s most complex problems by sector, but this fragmentation rarely considers the interconnectedness that determines success or the multifaceted people these programs target. Experience tells us that such a “siloed” approach has limitations and can yield unintended negative consequences.

A variety of international development stakeholders—donors, implementers, and academia—took part in this discussion at the Wilson Center about specific needs, challenges, and opportunities for strengthening the evidence base for integrated development approaches.

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  • Nanette Barkey
    Director of Results & Measurement, Pact; Member, Locus Research Working Group

  • Roger-Mark De Souza
    Director of Population, Environmental Security, and Resilience

  • Salman Jaffer
    Program Director, Social Impact

  • Jayce Newton
    Integration Lead, USAID Center for Democracy, Rights and Governance

  • Jim Tarrant
    Chief of Party, BRIDGE project, Development Alternatives Inc.

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