March Additions to FRAMEweb


The Spring season brings flowers to our lovely DC home-base, and, in the spirit of new and lovely things, I bring you new content and discussions on FRAMEweb for the month of March.  Much like the flowers, this month has been particularly diverse. And more good news: as a part of our Spring-cleaning, you’re in for a delight, as next week we’ll be rolling out a new user-friendly and easier-to-navigate interface on FRAMEweb. Enjoy!

Environmental Governance Capacity Building Program community

To start, some of our members might be interested: The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service announced a call for proposals for two different species funds administered by the Division of International Conservation. Each fund supports projects that conserve the world’s most threatened species. Find out more here.

Water & Drought Issues community

This month was an important month for raising the importance of Water: World Water Day on March 22, the World Water Forum in Marseille, and an MDG goal debatedly fulfilled. This year’s World Water Day focused on water for food security. As such, USAID published a special issue of Global Waters on the Role of Water in Food Security, also highlighting ICT4D initiatives by exploring smart apps for development.

The UNDP’s Africa-Asia Drought Risk Management Peer Assistance Network also added its new March newsletter.

You can also find out about other Water Resources added throughout the history of FRAMEweb by visiting the World Water Day blog from last week.

Economic & Enterprise Development Community

The Chars Livelihoods Programme works with poor households on the northwestern Riverine Islands in Bangladesh, supporting them with microfinance, income generation, access to clean water and sanitation, social development, health services, and disaster risk management. Md. Rafiqul Islam added an online resource named Chars Livelihoods Programme to help us learn more.

Also, at the end of last month, FRAMEweb hosted a FRAMEwebinar Costs of Mining Webinar at the Costs of Mining topic, and a number of discussions have since been posted with some of the presenters interacting with participants:

Sustainable Land Management in Africa Community

Farmers in the Sahel know all too well about Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) as a best practice in land management and agriculture. As the best practice continues to spread, mainstream Northwestern publications like the New Yorker, New York Times, and The Guardian have published articles on the success story. And while an impending crisis threatens its success—and there is work to be done—the success of FMNR should not be overlooked. Here’s an article A Quiet Desert Storm recently published in Conservation Magazine.

The Miombo Network Community

This community was just started this year as an effort by several African scientists intending to bring together scientists in the region and abroad, with a common interest in the Miombo woodlands and the Miombo region. Here is its earliest content. Look out for more coming soon.

Agricultural expansion or conversion of natural woodland to cropland has been identified as one of the major threats to conserving the Miombo ecoregion. Here’s a current discussion you might find interesting:

Technology Community.

Key Global Telecom Indicators for the World Telecommunication Service Sector indicate that there are 6 billion mobile phones globally, 4.5 billion of which are owned in developing countries. These kinds of numbers show the role technology can continue to have in development as it changes and grows everyday.

As such, a few new resources pertaining to ICT4D can be found in the World Water Day blog. I’d be curious to see more resources and discussion from practitioners in other sectors pertaining to technology and its relationship to development.

Community-based Natural Resource Management in Southeast Asia Community

Regarding a new document on Proceedings of the Philippines CBNRM Stocktaking Consultative Workshop, there is a discussion How important is monitoring and evaluation for advancing and promoting CBNRM? awaiting your input.

Food Security and Wild Food Community

At the end of last year, CIFOR published an editorial dubbed Forests, Biodiversity, and Food Security as part of a series in called the International Forestry Review (vol. 13, no. 3, 2011). The series demonstrates the importance of forests and biodiversity to agricultural landscapes, and, thereby food security.