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Three New Natural Resource Communities on FRAMEweb!

by Rachel Stallings last modified Jun 10, 2015 08:14 PM
Contributors: Karishma Patel
It’s Thanksgiving in America and Holiday Season is right around the corner. In the spirit of the season, let’s talk about THREE great new and active communities on FRAMEweb that we can all be very thankful for this November!

1. Integrated Approaches (Nature, Wealth, & Power)
2. USAID Workshop CBNRM: contributions to multiple development objectives
3. Peacebuilding through Natural Resource Management


1. Integrated Approaches (Nature, Wealth, & Power) is a space to discuss how to integrate environmental management, economic concerns, and good governance to have promising and sustainable results in rural areas of the world.

The USAID discussion paper Nature, Wealth, and Power: Emerging Best Practice for Revitalizing Rural Africa includes several case studies. Under the overall leadership of Jon Anderson, the main contributors have been Asif Shaikh, Chris Barrett, and Christine Moser (economics), Peter Veit and Jesse Ribot (governance), and Bob Winterbottom, Mike McGahuey and Roy Hagen (natural resources). The community is an opportunity to revisit the lessons learned and best practices to continue reevaluating and building on them, while expanding participation in the discussion to the broader NRM community.

Here’s the first discussion question:  What do you consider the major strengths and weakness of the NWP framework and approach that you have encountered in designing, implementing, and evaluating rural development program?

2. USAID Workshop CBNRM: contributions to multiple development objectives is a space built in anticipation of the upcoming CBNRM workshop in DC on January16 & 17, 2013. Many CBNRM practitioners are already actively participating in the discussions presenters and advisors have been posting in shaping some of the sessions.

The proposed agenda can be found here.

Here’s the most recent discussion question: How can community rights best be protected against privatization of customary land or resources?

More discussions will be posted over the next couple weeks.

3. Peacebuilding through Natural Resource Management is a space to discuss the importance of policy reform in times of transition and the role natural resource management can play in post-conflict societies.

Being heavily rooted in economic and social structures, natural resources are becoming increasingly recognized for their role in both motivating and resolving conflicts. In this regard, natural resources cut across various sectors, and transition requires a multidisciplinary approach, addressing gender issues, political schemes, trade, finance, livelihoods, etc.

Earlier in November, FRAMEweb hosted a webinar on Managing Natural Resources for Peace-building in Post-Conflict Societies with Carl Bruch of ELI and Chris Huggins, an expert and consultant. This community space is to provide supplemental resources and follow-up discussion for the webinar, as well as relevant and more in-depth events and content around the subject.

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