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Bob Woodmansee

Location: Oak Creek, CO USA
My professional/education interests are currently and passionately focused on developing distance education programs and Virtual Field Trips for anyone who is interested and as a support tool for classes, both on-line and face-to-face. Since retiring, for "real-person" enjoyment I like to botanize, hike, play with our dog, ski, canoe, explore wild places, work on finishing our new house in the mountains, eat good food, drink good beer and wine, and encourage our daughters to figure out what the hell to do with their lives. Most of all my wife and I enjoy doing all of these things in one of the most beautiful places on earth - southern Routt County, Colorado, USA. Before retiring, in addition to doing all the professional stuff, my wife and I ran a small farm (started out as 105 ac) north of Fort Collins, raised our girls in a rural environment, and learned how to lose money and repair old, used equipment. Now that we live near Steamboat Springs, I look out on the immense hay fields around here and fantasize about what it must be like to cut hay with one of these fancy, new swathers with air conditioning and an audio system you can hear.

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