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Moffatt Ngugi

Location: Washington DC
I am a program analyst on climate change in Agriculture at USAID. A geospatial ecologist by training in range management, physical land resources and agroecology, I studied at the University of Nairobi (Bsc), Ghent University (Msc) and Colorado State University (PhD) and have worked in diverse settings worldwide. Research and work experience include work on social and ecological characterization of herbivore key resource areas, postdoctoral research at University of California Davis using GIS/remote sensing to constrain biogeochemical modeling of greenhouse gases; working as a consultant for terrestrial carbon science; and inventory of forage resources in Dakota grasslands at USDA-ARS (Agricultural Research Service). I collaborate with all stakeholders to address NRM and climate change concerns in the sustainable intensification of agricultural production in order to improve food security.

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