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Tim Resch

Location: Washington, DC
Tim Resch is Bureau Environmental Advisor for the USAID Bureau for Africa. His office works to strengthen critical links between biodiversity conservation, natural resources management, improved livelihoods and economic growth, and good governance throughout Africa. It provides leadership on African development issues through analysis, strategy development, program design, technical assistance, advocacy, and information dissemination. He manages the Biodiversity Analysis and Technical Support (BATS) program which provides technical support and shares lessons learned to help USAID/AFR/SD, Africa Missions and local and national organizations in Africa increase their effectiveness to tackle major existing and emerging threats to Africa’s biodiversity and contribute to sound development based on wise use of natural resources and maintenance of ecosystem services. It is implemented through consulting firms, the USDA Forest Service and the ABCG. The Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group (ABCG) is a coalition of the major US-based international conservation non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with field-based activities in Africa (African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), Conservation International (CI), the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI), The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), World Resources Institute (WRI) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF)). The ABCG provides program planning, implementation, evaluation and knowledge management and outreach support to biodiversity conservation programs in Africa. In addition, he serves as the CARPE Development Officer (CDO) for the Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment (CARPE). CARPE is a 25-year (1995-2020) effort to promote sustainable natural resources management in the Congo river basin, the world’s second largest tropical forest. The basin contains significant renewable and non-renewable natural resources, supports unique and endangered wildlife, as a net carbon sink helps regulate the planet’s climate and, therefore, is fundamental to the livelihoods of the 100 million people living in the region. For the previous five years, Tim had been the Manager of the East Asia and Pacific Environmental Initiative (EAPEI) of USAID Bureau for Asia and the Near East and the Department of State Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs. He previously worked in USAID Bureau for Africa as Tropical Forestry and Biodiversity Advisor 1990-2000. He worked 1981-1990 with USDA Forest Service, Office of International Forestry as Program Coordinator for Africa and later as Program Coordinator for Food Aid and Voluntary Assistance supporting USAID programs worldwide. He was earlier Forest Management Program Staff Leader, South Dakota Division of Forestry and a Peace Corps Forester in Morocco 1970-74. As a hobby, Tim maintains a web site called the Electronic Job Seekers Guide to International Environmental Careers which reviews and provides links to a wide array of web sites offering environmental opportunities overseas. He was previously listed in the Peace Corps RVS Career Information Consultants (CIC) publication which lists Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs), who have agreed to share information regarding their career field or place of employment. Tim presently also serves as the President of Friends of Morocco, an organization of Americans, mostly returned Peace Corps volunteers (RPCVs), with experience in Morocco and Moroccans in America united with an interest in promoting educational, cultural, charitable, social, literary and scientific exchange between Morocco and the United States of America. He is also former Director and currently Treasurer of the Tangier American Legation Institute for Moroccan Studies (TALIM) Tim has an M.S. in Forestry (Silviculture), Colorado State University; and a B.S. in Forestry (Multiple Use), University of Minnesota. Tim speaks native English, French and conversational Moroccan-dialectical Arabic.

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