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Yibeltal Yeshaneh Siyoum

Location: Bahir Dar — Main Language: am
HELLO!EVERYBODY! I was born in a poor family in Amhara National Regional State and raised as an orphan where my relatives used to live.I studied Agricultural Economics at Haremaya University of Agriculture. After I graduted in 1992,I joined Civil Service Instutute and worked as cooperatives junior expert for two years. Within the same institution I worked as cooperatives organization expert at zonal level for two years, after winning top up evaluation competition. After I requested and released, I joined and worked as a branch manager at different levels for about ten years, in a public bussiness institution ,Ambasel Trading House, which have regional developmental objectives through filling gaps . Now ,here I am working as head of division of Logistics and Supply Division at BahIrDar City Housing Development Project Office. My career plan is to go on studying PhD program , after compliting the Msc pragram I joined recently.

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