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Community-based Natural Forest Management

by Portal Web Editor last modified Jan 10, 2013 11:48 AM

As the inextricable relationship of communities and forests have become better understood and documented, the importance of stemming the loss of valuable experience and information has become evident. Given shifts in staffing and programming, USAID began to suffer an unavoidable erosion in the valuable knowledge and hard-earned lessons in the management of natural forests. Effective planning today and for the future necessitates a comprehensive look at the past. In recognition of this need and to better serve its missions overseas, the USAID Forestry Team commissioned this retrospective study in an effort to capture the “lessons learned.” The purpose of this study is to capture and highlight the major results of USAID’s history in supporting community benefits from natural forest management. This study, the accompanying bibliographic database, and other materials are designed to assist the agency in formulating and evaluating policy and programmatic recommendations for future natural forest management programming. The report is based on information derived from two principal sources of data; an extensive review of documentation and ten focus-country studies, which included site visits and structured interviews with government officials, USAID staff, USAID partners, project staff, and project beneficiaries.

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