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Community Based Natural Resources Management (CBNRM) Assessment Homepage

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USAID Natural Resource Management and Development Portal

Full List of CBNRM Workspace Content

To Add or Review content in the CBNRM group click items in the table below.

Title Description
CBNRM Literature For Review and Discussion Add files to be reviewed for the CBNRM Assessment and for possible Annotation here. You can add Files, Webpages, Images, Links, etc. directly to this folder. ...
Printable version of the CBNRM Annotations Printable version of the CBNRM Annotations
CBNRM Annotations Annotations added to files by members of the CBNRM Assessment Working Group.
Calendar Calendar for the CBNRM and NWP Groups
How to Add Content to the Portal Instructions for adding content to the portal including: a general overview; pages; news items; images; folders; links; files; events; and collections.
Help Documents to Support Group Activities Help documents to support group collaboration.
Canned Searches on the RM Portal on CBNRM Literature The following are Links to content found in the RM Portal's Library by searches for CBNRM, CB Forest, CB Coastal/Marine, CB Wildlife, and CB Tourism Management,...
Canned Searches on the DEC and Google Scholar Canned searches (static snapshots as of ~9/15/12) on the DEC and Google Scholar. Documents found in these searches may be LINKED to the "For Review"...
NWP Assessment Working Group Working Documents & Discussions for NWP Assessment activity.
File A GLOBAL ASSESSMENT OF COMMUNITY BASED NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Rural development issues are critical not only for the rural areas themselves but also for addressing pressing global concerns of food security (FS), climate ch...
CBNRM Annotated Bibliography Link to Printable version
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