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A Decade in Forest Management and Planning in Cambodia: A Synthesis of Forestry Reviews and Supportive Studies

by Shreya Mehta last modified Feb 20, 2013 01:38 AM
Contributors: Burgess, Sarah, Heng,Sokh, Sloth, Arvid

The forestry sector in Cambodia has undergone a number of reviews over the past decade. The sources of these reviews have been many and diverse, ranging from large donors, through forestry and natural resource management organisations and projects, to NGOs and research institutions. Findings and recommendations reflect common themes of forest land classification and allocation; forest governance; poverty reduction and socio-economic development; financial and human resource mobilisation; and future management options. Recently, the Royal Government of Cambodia adopted the National Forest Programme concept to guide the management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forest. A major step is to establish a comprehensive understanding of the sector and its relations and linkages to other sectors in the context of national development, and to identify key issues and priorities for further action. This document aims to contribute to this process by presenting a broad, objective synthesis of the main findings and recommendations of forest sector reviews, backed by specific supportive studies. It outlines the current national environment for forest sector development, and presents the common themes within reviews and studies. It highlights linkages between the two in order to assist decision makers to identify openings to be explored and gaps to be addressed in future forest management planning, and the further development of the National Forest Programme. Significant challenges for forest sector development include the rationalisation, classification, demarcation and delineation of forest lands and areas under protection; improved forest governance; and increased forestry contributions to poverty alleviation. A number of additional points are raised for discussion that also form elements of the National Forest Programme, such as a clear mission statement, and appropriate strategies; preparation of capacity development and investment programmes; and considerations of regional and international obligations.

Author(s): Burgess, Sarah , Heng,Sokh , Sloth, Arvid

Publication Date: 2007

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