Growing Innovation, Harvesting Results: Feed the Future’s Progress in 2012

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Feed the Future was born of the belief that global hunger is solvable. Announced by President Obama during his visit to Senegal, the new Feed the Future progress report highlights real progress and results like never before and shows how Feed the Future's modern, rigorous approach to advancing global food security is achieving impact, from farms to markets to tables.


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Feed the Future supports country-led solutions in partnership with civil society, the private sector, and countries themselves to address poverty, hunger and undernutrition. These efforts are working. Through our ongoing, collective efforts to remain focused on doing not only the right things, but the right things well, we can achieve President Obama’s vision of eradicating extreme poverty in two decades.

Check out some of our results below and view the report for the full story. Additional content below.

Results by the numbers

  • 9 million+: The number of households our programs reached last year.
  • 12 million+: The number of children under five our nutrition programs reached last year.
  • 7.5 million: The number of farmers and other producers (like food processors) we helped adopt improved technologies or management practices last year, 30 percent of them women.
  • $100 million+: The increase in sales of agricultural products we helped smallholder farmers achieve last year, also helping increase their incomes.
  • $115 million+: The amount of private sector investment in our focus countries’ agricultural sectors last year.
  • 800,000: The approximate number of people we trained in child health and nutrition last year.
  • 19 million: The number of rounds of Vitamin A supplements we distributed to children five years old and younger last year, in addition to our programs to improve nutrition.
  • That’s not all! Read our progress report for all the numbers.

Results by lives changed

  • Mercy Chitwanga, a dairy farmer in Malawi, and more than 1,000 of her colleagues are increasing their earnings and accessing more nutritious food for their children with our support.
  • Robai Nyongesa harvested five times what she had harvested previously after just one year of participation in an innovative Feed the Future loan program in Kenya.
  • We provided full or partial funding for more than 14,000 students, 40% of them women likeFrida Nyamete, to participate in degree-seeking programs in 2012.
  • The list continues. Read our progress report and sign up to receive our monthly e-newsletters for even more stories.

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