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Mid-term evaluation of the Guinea natural resources management project

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Contributors: Roy Hagen, Paula J. Williams, Joseph Tabor, Joseph Dorsey

The purpose of the Guinea Natural Resource Management Project (GNRMP) was to improve the management of natural resources in three target watersheds in the Fouta Djallon Highlands for profitable and sustainable agricultural production. The project was implemented in three geographically dispersed watersheds: Diafore, Koundou and Dissa. The GNRMP originally had a budget of US$16.5 million for six years (1991-97), which later increased to US$17.9 million. The project was implemented by the National Directorate of Forestry and Wildlife (DNFF), with technical assistance from Chemonics International and Tropical Research and Development. Assistance in project implementation was also provided by the US Peace Corps. Policy research was undertaken by the Land Tenure Center.This 1995 mid-term evaluation notes that the project has made moderate progress towards achieving the project purpose. However, the report points out that the Guinea government will not be able to sustain the project activities after it is phased out. Progress has been hampered by lack of agronomic expertise, lack of focus on soil fertility improvement and maintenance and by overly emphasizing low input, organic gardening techniques that are insufficient to address the effects of long term phosphate depletion of agricultural soils. The outputs and inputs are focused on improving natural resource management in general and not natural resource management for improving agriculture. The report recommends changing the project goal to be 'establish sustainable production systems in the Fouta Djallon Highlands that will conserve the natural resource base of the watershed' and the project purpose to be 'to develop a pilot sustainable production systems in the three watersheds for future extension and adaption to adjoining areas'.

Author(s): Roy Hagen , Paula J. Williams , Joseph Tabor , Joseph Dorsey

Publication Date: 1995

Location: Africa

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