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Senegal reforestation project: Project highlights

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Contributors: Senegal Reforestation Project

In the 1980s and 1990s, the Senegal Forest Service initiated several reforestation projects, the largest being the Senegal Reforestation Project (SRP), which covers the entire country. This evaluation highlight reviews the accomplishments of the SRP. The goal of SRP was to engage local people in tree planting activities and forestry-related efforts in order to have a positive impact on the environment, economy and agricultural production of Senegal. This project was implemented by South-East Consortium for International Development, Louis Berger International, Inc., and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University with support from USAID and the Government of Senegal. The SRP has five major components and a test program. The Matching Grant Program has the goal of achieving replicability and sustainability of on-farm tree planting. Successful participants serve as examples for other farmers in their communities who may otherwise be reluctant to the risk of investing in activities that have long-term rather than immediate returns. The Roadside Planting Program creates plantations near roads. Program activities are aimed at increasing private sector capacity. The Private Sector Program seeks to increase private investment in the forestry sector by improving organization of markets and strengthening linkages between private sector operators, producers, consumers, the Forest Service, and parastatal enterprises. The Training Program is designed to train GOS staff and members of the private sector in order to increase participation in reforestation. The Media Program aims to increase awareness of environmental degradation. The Test Program evaluates the capacity of community-based institutions to develop, plan and implement natural resource management activities. Training workshops, publicity, market analysis, coordination with government goals and policies and perceptiveness of local conditions greatly contributed to program success. Major constraints included policies, lack of information, inappropriate taxes and pricing, and lack of marketing services in the Senegal Forest Service's extension package.

Author(s): Senegal Reforestation Project

Publication Date: 1994

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