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Conservation Agriculture and Bioreclamation of Degraded Lands in Senegal: restoring productivity and resilience of degraded lands to improve nutrition and women's incomes

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Contributors: USAID
Yaajeende is a Feed the Future project focusing on vulnerable women to provide them with access to land for producing nutritious food and earning income during the rainy season. The project works with communities to allocate degraded, abandoned lands to vulnerable people, and then restore their productivity and resilience, using a package of innovative Conservation Agriculture techniques to produce lucrative, low maintenance crops rich in micronutrients, such as okra and hibiscus. These crops and varieties are selected to be particularly rich in iron and zinc. They are in high demand and provide a significant new source of revenue for women. The older Wula Nafaa agriculture and natural resources management program and the Economic Growth Project (PCE) also promote Conservation Agriculture techniques in Senegal.

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For More Information Contact:

Todd Crosby
Directeur du Projet / Chief of Party

USAID Yaajeende (Nutrition-Led Agriculture for Food Security in Senegal) project

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