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World Tracker: Farmers struggle to adopt climate-smart methods

by Portal Web Editor last modified Aug 21, 2013 06:21 PM
Contributors: Forestracker
Preliminary results from a project aimed at helping Malawi, Vietnam and Zambia make the transition to a "climate-smart" approach to agriculture show that some farmers are struggling to adopt the new methods, while others are finding ways to cope well with climate-change problems like late rains.

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"To broaden the options available to farmers, we believe that increased investment, coming from both traditional agricultural finance, as well as emerging climate finance such as the Green Climate Fund, may be required to help farmers make the needed transition," said Leslie Lipper, leader of FAO's Economics and Policy Innovations for Climate-Smart Agriculture (EPIC) Programme, which houses the project. Launched in January 2012, the €5.3-million three-year FAO-EC project promotes a climate-smart agriculture approach in each country, with supporting activities ranging from research to policy support and investment proposals. Agriculture and the communities who depend on it for their livelihoods and food security are highly vulnerable to climate change impacts. At the same time agriculture, as a significant producer of greenhouse gases, contributes to global warming.


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