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The RM Portal provides a place for sharing and accessing training materials, upcoming training announcements, and a direct link to the Online Learning Management System (LMS) where you can participate in online courses, request space to deliver a training, or host conference communication.

Online Learning Systems

Visit the USAID RM Portal
Online Learning Management System

The Online Learning Management System (OLMS) provides a web-based environment for:

  • Participating in online training
  • Creating and delivering online or hybrid courses
  • Storing and accessing training materials for face-to-face training
  • Online or onsite conference support
  • Managing virtual learning communities

Courses in the RMP LMS are available to individuals and groups.

Space inside the USAID RM Portal Online Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver training or set up conference support available to USAID Missions, Partners, and community members upon request. Contact the LMS Administrator

The courseware in this learning management system is designed using sound constructivist pedagogical principles and has the ability to create syllabi, objectives, content modules, assignments, tests, and social course activities like blogs, wikis, forums, chats, news and calendars.

USAID University

Access the Internal USAID University

The USAID University is not a part of the RM Portal. To enter the USAID University you will need to login with the Intranet login information issued by USAID


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