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NMO Module 4 - What is Content?

by webadmin last modified Jan 10, 2013 11:47 AM
Content are web pages, documents, digital media and links that can be posted, edited, stored, and deleted on the portal, and indexed for easy search. Content can be Private, Published, or in an intermediate state called Public Draft.

What is Content?

Content Types

Several types of content can be added to the portal inside folders. Folders are used to store and organize content, like pages, links, files, flash movies, events, news items, and other folders.

Web content, in the context of the portal, includes items that you can view, add, edit, move, rename and delete, on the portal, like:

  • Page
  • - web pages made up of text and images, stored on the portal.
  • Link - URL links to external web sites and pages and internal portal content.
  • File - file content like Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint files, Adobe Acrobat files, and audio and video files.
  • Image - digital images that are in a web friendly file format like .jpg, .gif, or .png.
  • Flashmovie - Adobe Flash animations, presentations, and video.
  • Event - happenings to be listed on a portal public or private group calendar.
  • News Item - text news items of interest to the portal community or to a private group of users.

Copyright and Fair Use applies to content.

Before posting content, be clear who owns the copyright, and what terms and conditions might apply to reproducing that content on the portal. Fair usage of copyrighted materials does not necessarily mean you are free to repost that material to the portal, though you may be allowed to repost limited excerpts.

If in doubt:

  • Ask the owner of the copyrighted material for permission to reproduce (copy).
  • If permission cannot be obtained, it is generally acceptable to link to that copyrighted content, unless the owner specifically prohibits linking or places other restrictions on access.
  • Review these portal guidelines on copyright and fair use.

Pirating (illegally copying) copyrighted material without permission opens the portal (and USAID) to legal action by the owner, so please take the above advice seriously!

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