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Poverty Reduction Seminar Overview

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 Series Overview



Poverty Reduction & Natural Resources Management Seminars

Do your activities and strategic plans cross over into the areas of improving livelihoods and protecting the natural resources that sustain those livelihoods?

Have you thought about the critical links between poverty and natural resources conflicts and degradation?

If these issues impact your work, please join us for an important seminar series that will address these multidimensional issues and concerns. EGAT’s Offices of Poverty Reduction and Natural Resources Management are hosting the cross-sectoral seminar series, which will explore the links between natural resource management and poverty reduction in developing and transitional countries. Experts from both within and outside USAID will share knowledge and tools for understanding the complex role that wise natural resource management plays in reducing poverty. The seminars will explore the conflicts and barriers to improving the livelihoods of the poor, and ways of assisting them with both improving their immediate standard of living and ensuring a sustainable future. Our ultimate goal is to build strong and successful Agency programs that alleviate poverty while maintaining the natural resource base so critical to sustaining wealth.

The eight-part seminar series will be sequential, with each session building on the discussions and knowledge base of those that have preceded it. Each seminar will consist of an invited presentation followed by a panel discussion to share complementary viewpoints and approaches. Supplementary readings will provide opportunity for further exploration of the topic.

The poverty-natural resources management thematic area will be developed further in EGAT’s competency-based training course scheduled for the summer of 2005, and this seminar series will provide a terrific opportunity to begin considering the ways that these sectors can be integrated into the Agency’s work plans and strategy-setting activities. Please review the materials from the 2004 Poverty Reduction Seminar, hosted by USAID in Washington, DC.




Seminar Series

1: Links between NRM & Poverty?

2: Power & the Social Dimensions

3: Assets, Poverty Traps and Rights

4: Markets and Trade

5: Migration, Marginal Lands

6: Key Macro and National Level Issues

7: Programmatic Issues and Tools

8: Conflict, Corruption, NRM & Poverty Reduction




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