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Seminar 4 - Markets and Trade

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Seminar 4: Markets and Trade

This seminar will address the broad themes of making markets/international trade work for the poor, and the risks and vulnerabilities facing poor rural communities in global markets. Key seminar objectives include sharing knowledge on new research and thinking regarding the linkages between markets, natural resource management and poverty reduction, and shaping USAID programming to better reflect the inter-relatedness of these three elements.

Aaron Cosbey, a Senior Advisor at the International Institute for Sustainable Development, will discuss the links between trade, the environment and development. Augusta Molnar, Director of Forest Trends’ Communities and Markets Program, will speak on how to make markets work effectively for the poor. Finally, Abt’s John Lamb, will address natural resource commodity chains and the poor.

Following panel presentations, there will be an open discussion on themes presented in the seminar.


Reading List

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Seminar Series

1: Links between NRM & Poverty?

2: Power & the Social Dimensions

3: Assets, Poverty Traps and Rights

4: Markets and Trade

5: Migration, Marginal Lands

6: Key Macro and National Level Issues

7: Programmatic Issues and Tools

8: Conflict, Corruption, NRM & Poverty Reduction


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