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Course Schedule

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Day 1



Introduction (PPT 4.354MB) or (PDF 171KB)


Module 1 - Introduction to Tourism

Sidebar Presentations:

Developing Sustainable Tourism in Tanzania (PPT 62KB) or (PDF 94KB)

Coastal Tourism in Tanzania (PPT 953KB) or (PDF 296KB)

Cultural Tourism in Tanzania (PPT 31KB) or (PDF 32KB)

Chumbe Island Ecolodge: Ecotourism saving coral reefs
(PPT 5.997MB)
or (PDF 932KB)






Day 2


Module 2 - USAID and Tourism

Land Tenure and Property Rights (PPT 4.954MB) or (PDF 477KB)


Module 3 - Project Assessment: Is Tourism the Right Tool?

Tanzania Association of Tour Operators - Roundtable Discussion




Day 3


Field Day - Tarangire National Park




Day 4


Sidebar Presentations:

Energy and Sustainable Tourism (PPT 7.721MB) or (PDF 380KB)

U.S. Forest Service: Natural resource-based tourism (PPT 2.378MB) or (PDF 223KB)




Module 4 - Project Design: Economic Growth & Poverty Reduction

Sidebar Presentations:

ICT and Sustainable Tourism (PPT 11.508MB) or (PDF 1.013MB)

U.S. Department of the Interior and Tourism (PPT 3.666MB) or (PDF 479KB)

Financing Marine Management and Sustainable Tourism (PPT 3.944MB) or (PDF 381KB)






Day 5


Module 5 - Project Design: NRM, Biodiversity & Cultural Heritage


Module 6 - Nexus: Linkages between Economic & Environmental Interventions

Sidebar Presentations:

Global Development Alliance and Tourism (PPT 852KB) or (PDF 119KB)

Certification Systems for Sustainable Tourism (PPT 6.826MB) or (PDF 620KB)






Day 6


Field Day - Lake Manyara National Park

Field Presentations:

Overview (PPT 1.037MB) or (PDF 93KB)

Status Report on Tourism Management (PPT 2.122MB) or (PDF 1.465MB)

Role of Tanzania National Parks in Ecotourism (PPT 2.852MB) or (PDF 445KB)






Day 7


Module 7 - Assembling a Project







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